Hasta: Hand
Mudra: Seal
This 2 hour workshop will offer a little more time to dive into one aspect of this fascinating tradition. 

In this session we will specifically look at a range of expressive Mudras, that help to create a focus or enquiry. 


  • Discussion about individual Mudras, how to arrange them and how we might interpret them to enrich our practice.

  • A Vinyasa flow sequence with Mudras layered in to inspire creativity and investigation.

  • A quiet, meditative close with the Mudras offering the inspiration for a led visualisation.

  • A handout and links to videos will also be provided, so that you can continue to work with the Mudras covered beyond the studio.

To Book: http://www.thelifecentre.com/workshops-and-courses/tlc-workshops/hasta-mudras-2019-jun-23

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The Natural History Museum

10th June 2019

Yoga under Luke Jerram's magnificent artwork, Museum of the Moon, for a special series of yoga and wellbeing classes at The Natural History Museum. In Collaboration with East of Eden.